Briefing: At Home with COVID-19, a Ventilation Story

Briefing: At Home with COVID-19, a Ventilation Story

Ventilation experts Robert Bean (Calgary ASHRAE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer) and Amanda Hu (a Calgary based interdisciplinary maker and contributor to Fresh Air Schools AB) discuss methods to contain and isolate a positive member of your family safely, effectively, and most importantly inexpensively. Ryan Utter (Ottawa MSc Epidemiology student) shares his lived experience with managing a positive COVID-19 family member at home. Dr. Joe Vipond provides an update on the COVID-19 situation in Alberta.

Presentation: Home Isolation

Presenter: Ryan Utter

Presentation: Residential Isolation Rooms

Presenter: Robert Bean

Website: How to set up an emergency isolation room inside a home or apartment for a suspected infected occupant


2 responses

  1. I would have like to see some tips it you can’t isolate the sick person.
    These scenarios all sounded like a 2 grownup household and one of the grownups is sick.
    What about the 1 grownup households?
    What about the thousands of families that will be dealing with inflected kids now that kids are back in school?
    I’m a single mom to a 5 year old, I don’t see consistent isolation being a realistic option.
    Do I mask? Would an air purifier help? Or do I not have a chance of not catching it if my son brings it home from school?

    1. Hi Melanie!
      This is certainly a challenging situation and a very important “what if”. A HEPA filter on top in your kiddo’s room where they’ll spend the bulk of their time would be a good idea too.
      Thinking about what I learned from Robert, sealing their door (and any air return vents in their room) with a bath towel to help prevent air exchange would be a good idea too.
      Of course you’re going to need to spend time with them and that’s where a good N95 for the both of you would be important. This table helps to understand your estimated risk exposure based on what masks are used.
      Making sure you’ve had your third dose and your kiddo has their two pediatric doses is important too.
      I really hope this helps!

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