PoPAB COVID-19 Platform

PopAB endorses the following COVID-19 safety measures for schools and requests that candidates for school trustee commit to all of the following measures:

  1. Mandatory masking of all persons when inside a school building in respirator grade masks where available:
    1. Providing these to students and staff who do not otherwise have access.
  2. Acknowledgement of the airborne nature of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the importance of ventilation measures to mitigate:
    1. Supporting ventilation assessments to bring schools into compliance with APEGA and ASHRAE recommendations.
    2. Providing CO2 monitors and training to teachers so as to have real time information about air quality in classrooms.
    3. Programs to install APEGA-approved air filtration units in each classroom, advocate with the provincial and federal government to fund air filtration units, and to permit and facilitate donations across the board’s jurisdiction where provincial money is lacking.
    4. Ensuring MERV13 filters in each building.
    5. Supporting moving activities outdoors where possible.
    6. Providing outdoor areas for lunches and snacks with portable heaters.
  3. Participation in rapid testing programs of all students and staff:
    1. Request tests from the province and test all students and staff twice a week at minimum.
    2. Isolation and mandatory quarantine of all positive cases.
    3. Rapid testing daily of close contacts of positive cases.
  4. Cohorting of classes where there is not universal vaccination of students and staff and minimizing class sizes where possible.
  5. Establish metrics for school closures based upon
    1. Local test positivity
    2. Local case rates
    3. Local hospitalization capacity
  6. Collection and dissemination of data about cases of COVID-19 in schools similar to 2020/21 school year.
    1. Lobby Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services to provide this information as was done last year.
  7. Mandatory vaccination of all staff without a valid medical exemption, and steps to ensure vaccination of all eligible students
    1. Lobby for mature minors to consent for themselves.
    2. Lobby for a provincial mandatory student vaccination law.
    3. Increased vaccination clinics and information in schools.

School Trustee Candidates

School Trustee Candidates: Commit to the PoPAB Platform

The following School Trustee Candidates have committed to include the PoPAB platform in their campaign:

The following School Trustee Candidates have expressed interest in learning more if they are elected:

  • Belen Samuel
    • Edmonton Public, Ward A
  • Rebecca Graff-McRae
    • Edmonton Public, Ward E
  • Jan Sawyer
    • Edmonton Public, Ward I
  • Melanie Wen
    • Calgary Public, Wards 1 & 2
  • Patricia Bolger
    • Calgary Public, Wards 6 & 7
  • Nancy Close
    • Calgary Public, Wards 11 & 13